The Norm: Marrying Young in the Military Community

Have you ever wondered why it seems like everyone in the military marries young? It’s almost as if they graduate boot camp and BAM! wedding bells are ringing. Well, you’re not wrong.

Marrying young is quite common in the military community… but why? Is there an actual reason? Or is this just a weird coincidence? You’ll be pleased to know there are in fact a couple factors that contribute to the normalcy of young marriage.

First, I want to get the stereotypical reason out of the way, because it is in fact the stereotype for a reason. BAH, Tricare, and chill, anyone? If you are with a military member, chances are that at least once (but probably a lot more) in your relationship, somebody somewhere tried to crack a joke about you only being together for the BAH and Tricare. Sooo not funny right? Well, though it may not be the case for you, it does happen. It is a driving reason for a lot of people. Can you say bigger paychecks? βœ”οΈ Living off base ? βœ”οΈ It really does open a lot of doors for them. I actually knew a girl who married one of her friends just because she was sick of living in the barracks and she wanted more money. They didn’t even live together. It was never real! And that’s just the way it is. Marriage isn’t serious for a lot people, they do it just for the benefits. BUT, this is not always the case! 

Secondly, with military life comes many uncertainties. For instance, there’s that awful D word… ya know… deployment πŸ˜± It’s part of the life. I oh-so-fortunately have not had to cross that bridge, yet (but when I do, I hope all of you will be right here with me!). It’s a serious and scary thing. For one, it’s dangerous and no one knows what will happen. I don’t care where your honey is deployed to, I don’t care if it’s necessarily a war zone or it’s not, it is still dangerous and bad things can happen. And two, you have to spend anywhere from sixth months to a whole year without your significant other. Who would volunteer for that?! 

Now back to my point. Most 18 year olds don’t sign their life away on a dotted line. Most 18 year olds aren’t government property. Most 18 year olds don’t carry the weight of the United States of America on their shoulders. And most 18 year olds aren’t shipped off to war zones, or targeted by the evil in this world for the uniform they wear. Being in a military relationship means facing very unpleasant realities. There’s a chance your relationship won’t last forever, and not because you go your separate ways, nope. Because he could be taken from you. Because he might not make it home. 

With that being said, maybe now you can understand why marrying young is more common in the military community, and why relationships seem to move a lot faster than civilian counterparts. They are faced with things civilians don’t have to worry about. And that’s just facts. So if you’re guilty of telling a person or two “you’re too young,” remember this post before you find yourself saying it again. 


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